Developing an energy project can be a complex process. Determining whether to develop a distributed generation, combined heat and power, energy storage or microgrid project takes time, technical expertise, knowledge of energy technology, a mastery of energy markets and finance, the ability to permit such projects, an understanding of how state energy policy and trends can affect electricity and energy costs and how to apply for programs and incentives that may be available for development of on-site energy projects. Most companies and local governments do not have the resources to undertake such a task on their own.


CTE&T takes a team-based approach to energy development. CTE&T’s managers, Rick Audette and Bill Corvo, lead the team in identifying and evaluating energy development opportunities. In addition to its development, engineering and construction team, CTE&T has a network of experienced energy consultants, financiers, contractors, lobbyists and legal advisors. Together, the CTE&T team has a broad range of experience and depth of expertise, knowledge and understanding in developing diverse range of energy projects.

This team-based approach makes it possible for CTE&T to identify what opportunities are available to its clients in developing a distributed generation, combined heat and power, energy storage or microgrid project that can best meet their financial objectives and clean or renewable energy and environmental goals. CTE&T can complete the technical evaluation and engineering and design of the project, including choosing the appropriate technology, provide financial analysis, project financing and pro-formas demonstrating the project’s financial benefit, and permit the project in a way that maximizes benefits available from government programs and incentives.