UConn Central Co-Gen/Chiller Facility
September 5, 2017
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September 5, 2017

UMASS Central Heating Plant

CT E&T's parent company, O&G Industries, Inc. has experience in constructing combined heat and power systems. In March 2009 construction of the University of Massachusetts Central Heating Plant was completed by O&G. O&G performed the construction management work on the plant and was the general contractor for the project.

The 10 MW plant satisfies nearly all of UMASS Amherst's campus electric and steam demands (over 200 buildings and nearly 10 million square feet of building space). The power process system includes solar, a combustion gas turbine, a heat recovery steam generator, and four package boilers. The heat recovery generator uses the exhaust heat from the gas turbine to produce steam for campus heating year-round. The package boilers provide additional steam capacity to meet campus demand in the colder spring, fall and winter months. Environmental controls include selective catalytic reduction to control the emissions of nitrous oxide and oxidation catalysts to control carbon monoxide emissions.

Project Location

Amherst, MA

Project Type

Combined Heat & Power

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